A little about IntuitionUSA. I have always been fascinated with designing common everyday tools which led me to get a degree in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech and an MBA in Marketing from KSU. After working for a couple of design firms I noticed that these companies were having a hard time keeping up with the changing technology of the trade, namely computer aided design software and animation. I decided to focus on this technology and offer it as a service. In many ways, CAD speeds up the process and allows for more options. Also, many design projects are so large in scope that they need a specialist to communicate that design and keep up with the many changes. Also, some design is only possible if you know how to use certain software.

As a service business, communicating clearly and quickly with clients is vital. Using dropbox, text messages, and sometimes password protected webpages to show the progress of the project is key. A budget and timeframe are always set at the beginning of a project as well as deadlines. I also look out for bottlenecks in a project and work to resolve them early on.

Continuous Improvement is vital. Just because a method was used in the past does not mean it is the best right now. People are constantly striving to improve computer aided design software and 3d printing and are inventing new uses for them. They are also experimenting with new materials and processes to use with them as well.

"This First Ethic is to always remember the Golden Rule"

Steven Houtzager

me mark

Steven Houtzager
Design & Animation Specialist
MBA Marketing
BS Industrial Design, Ga Tech
IDSA Merit Recipient 1990

Mark Sampson
Wise Sage & Illustrator of all things mechanical & artistic
GA State Fine Arts Program


404 219-2193


404 219-2193