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Paul Pizzinni, Chairman, Retail Design Institute Atlanta/SE Chapter
former SVP MillerZell

Steve Houtzager's talent and design sense makes him one of the most sought after architectural rendering professionals in the Atlanta/SE area. His mastery of the latest lighting techniques combined with creative texture mapping makes his exterior and interior views compelling and believable. Steve's fly-throughs have helped Miller Zell's clients successfully visualize the customer journey and have helped sell new concepts. I highly recommend Steve as a professional who delivers top quality design on time while often exceeding expectations.

Ryan Kurek, President, LOGIC Marketing + Consulting

IntuitionUSA delivered a model for our Pedi@Tracks project that was perfect at first presentation. On our previous projects, it took designers 3 or 4 times to get what we wanted. And not only did IntuitionUSA create exactly what we wanted but they provided it a week before the deadline.

GK Mundt, Technical Interiors
IntuitionUSA listened to and understood our needs and requirements and was able to execute the design and construction of our site including 3d modeling and animation.

Chevin Woodruff, Splendor Mountain owner
Thank-you so much for the artistic know-how you possess to make a web site for Splendor Mountain. I receive lots of hits and interest. The compliments keep on coming. I appreciate how you stay up to date on my site and you are so quick to make additions I request.

Joshua Nicoara, Gensler
I worked with Steve to get the project completed. He was quick to respond and the quality of service was really great! I am definitely using him again in the future!

Benn Jordan, Entrepreneur
I gave Steven a rather complicated print with multiple pieces that required precision to work together. His result was far better than I had expected, and I'm a seasoned user of Shapeways and commercial printers. He's a friendly fellow who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about 3D printing, I can't imaging there being a better option in North ATL.

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