Steve Houtzager's talent and design sense makes him one of the most sought after architectural rendering professionals in the Atlanta/SE area. Steve's fly-throughs have helped Miller Zell's clients successfully visualize the customer journey and have helped sell new concepts. I highly recommend Steve as a professional who delivers top quality design on time while often exceeding expectations.

Paul Pizzinni, Chairman, Retail Design Institute Atlanta / SE Chapter



404 219-2193

Fast, Comprehensive, Interactive Environment Design and Visualizations. With a Passion for Exploring Unique Designs with the Assistance of Computer Aided Design. Create a compelling Video that explains your design in uber-detail. Expert at Rhino, FormZ, Electric Image, Maxwell, and VRay.

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404 219-2193

Lighting Renderings
Hero Shot Renderings
Flythru Animations
Functional Animations
Google Earth Models
Web Based Presentations
Branding Development
To Scale Renderings


Goin's On

It is very interesting to see a logo that you have designed being worn by dozens of kids and teens. Might have to go into the fashion industry.

Check out the William Pu Music Academy

- stay tuned

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Goin's On

Just Activated an account on 3D Hubs for 3D printing. Got a couple of samples up there as well. An interesting update on materials is Glass Filled PLA which increases the strength of regular PLA by 40% and flexibility by 90%. Great for more permanent prints. Also, 3D Printing has become great for low run production runs of between 2000-100 parts. >>More info

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